Alt, Vajd: My Left Hand

Jan Pfeiffer / selection of videos and drawings / limited edition 2014

The edition includes ten original adjusted drawings and animation drawings and a DVD with a selection of video works.

Václav Stratil: Všechno bude fajn / Everything Will Be Fine

Released by Drdova Gallery as an accompanying material to Václav Stratil & Panáčik’s exhibition: Fuck (7. 9. – 19. 10. 2013)

The CD is released in 50 copies.

Recorded at the sound studio of the Audio-Video Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology in Brno in 2013.


Production: Drdova Gallery & Jiří Ptáček

Mix / Mastering: Panáčik

Design: Romana Drdová

Illustration: Václav Stratil

Pavla Sceranková

The new catalogue of Pavla Sceranková

Pavla Sceranková

Tři úvahy o pohledu I.,II.,III. / Three reflections on perception I.,II.,III., 2012

plexi, silk screen

297 x 420 mm

each edition of 3

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