Václav Kopecký, Jan Lesák, Jan Maštera Mezi dokumentem a monumentem Between Document and Monument

kurátor / curator Václav Janoščík


Drdova Gallery Vás srdečně zve na vernisáž výstavy v pátek 4. září 2015 od 18 hod.

Drdova Gallery would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Friday, September 4, 2015 at 6 pm.


Rádi bychom vás informovali, že galerie bude během měsíce srpna zavřena.

Zájemci o výstavu Pavly Scerankové Veritas mohou do 8. sprna kontaktovat galerii a domluvit si individuální prohlídku.

Těšíme se na další setkání během podzimní sezóny počínaje vernisáží 4. září.


We would like to inform visitors that Drdova Gallery will be closed for the month of August for summer holidays. Those interested in visiting Veritas, the exhibition by Pavla Sceranková, can contact us and see the show until August 8th. 

Otherwise we are looking forward to seeing you September 4, at our next exhibition opening. 



Neighborhood Boogie-Woogie, opening June 26th


Markéta Adamcová & Ondřej Petrlík, Hynek Alt, David Böhm & Jiří Franta, Ladislava Gažiová, Krištof Kintera, Markéta Kinterová, Eva Koťátková, Viktor Kopasz, Václav Kopecký, Jarmila Mitríková&Dávid Demjanovič, Dominik Lang, Jiří Thýn, TMA, Tomáš Vaněk, Aleksandra Vajd, Daniel Vlček 

35 m² / City Surfer Office / hunt kastner / Drdova Gallery / Nevan Contempo 

----- >>>Start: 

Škroupovo náměstí, Žižkov
Friday 26th of June 4:00 p.m. 

Opening of curatorial project The Visit by Aleksandra Vajd 
7 p.m. at Bořivojova 85

concert – ba:zel (Daniel Vlček & Ewelina Chiu) 
Mlíkárna, Riegrovy sady

Please join us in July 17th for a guided tour enriched with lecture performance by Jiří Skála at 5 p.m. and for a closing party on 28th of August 5 p.m. 

Let's Boogie-Woogie!

Oh, summertime--hot sunny days and endless nights that we all enjoy so much! 
With summer just around the corner and our minds already at the beach, who would look for art in a silent enclosed gallery space AKA “white cube”? But instead of completely forgetting about art, wouldn't it be better to relocate art to “cool” spaces?

Five galleries in Žižkov gathered together to organize an outdoor art event. To engage visitors and locals alike, the galleries have decided to use different venues including public space and local shops in the neighborhood. 

This project would not have been made possible without such huge enthusiasm and support from local people along with each gallery owner’s sense of belonging to the community as its representative. Perhaps, it’s also a part of perpetual search for an open-minded environment where art-making knows no bounds. Indeed, it gets difficult now, more than ever, to draw the distinction between what is art - and what is not.
Our events will enhance the charm of Žižkov, and soon you will believe that you're living in the best district in Prague (isn't that true already though?). 

We are thrilled to invite you to our Neighbourhood Boogie-Woogie. Come
discover contemporary art in some of our favorite local shops around the block! 

curated by Piotr Sikora

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